Friday, April 6, 2018

Shannon & The Clams - Onion (Easy Eye Sound, 2018)

Shannon & The Clams
Easy Eye Sound

Rating: 6 greasy mouths out of 10

This latest record by Shannon & The Clams – “Onion” – is pretty good…quality musicianship, original but immediately familiar in a retro-throwback way, and Shannon Shaw has one hell of a voice, on par with about any singer currently operating in any genre of music (and Cody Blanchard has a damn fine voice himself).  More importantly, the album opener “The Boy” could possibly be the best song of the year.  All of this leads me to the following question: are my lukewarm feelings about the rest of the record after that first song because “The Boy” sets an impossibly high standard, or would I have been non-plussed about this material regardless to how it kicks off?  I’m pretty sure I don’t have an answer to this question, nor is it even answerable.  I may just have to come back and re-visit the rest of the record at a later date when the shiny newness of "The Boy" has worn off.  The band made an actual official video for the song, so they must think it’s pretty special too – you can view that here

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