Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Guided By Voices - Ogre’s Trumpet (Guided By Voices, 2018)

Guided By Voices
Ogre’s Trumpet
Guided By Voices Inc

Rating: 7 bulletproof federales out of 10

As someone who has seen Guided By Voices many times, I can definitively say that “Ogre’s Trumpet” does a pretty damn good job of giving you a small glimpse into what seeing them perform live is all about.  At a little over an hour it’s way shorter than one of their shows…when I saw them a few months ago I left after two and a half hours, and the band was still going (I think their set list that night was in the neighborhood of 60 songs if not more).  The one big feature lacking here: the recording is very clean, likely straight from the soundboard with additional mastering, and you miss out on all the crowd singing/participation - something that would be annoying with almost every other band, but with GBV it almost works like an extra band member.  The track list is about one-third classics and two-thirds post-reunion tracks, which is a fair mirror to what you get in person - of course everyone always want more of the OG songs, but it’s not a bad ratio given the sheer size of the band’s song catalogue.     

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