Monday, May 22, 2017

Booji Boys - Booji Boys (Drunken Sailor, 2017)

Booji Boys
Booji Boys
Drunken Sailor

Rating: 8 disturbing directors out of 10

I found this Booji Boys release randomly online and downloaded it solely because of the name.  Then I quickly learned that just because you're named after Devo, it doesn't mean you're going to sound anything like them - not that I'm complaining, because I love the shit out of this.  "Booji Boys" is really, really fuzzed out, slightly goofy, & very catchy punk rock, and all the songs are super short - only three tracks surpass the two minute mark, and a number of them are closer to a minute.  Leave them wanting more, right?  If you can imagine Guided By Voices in their very early years (think "Propeller" or earlier), but a lot more agro, maybe you're in the right ballpark.  I would wager every Devo hat I own that this band is a fucking blast live too; and since they're Canadian, by law they're definitely super nice to boot, and obviously love hockey and Molson and probably poutine but who doesn't love poutine?  Stupid people, that's who doesn't love poutine.