Monday, June 26, 2017

Natural Causes / Sponge Bath - Split 7'' (Acid Etch, 2017)

Natural Causes / Sponge Bath
Split 7''
Acid Etch

Rating: 7 reddish-brown bubbles out of 10

Local synth-punkers Natural Causes drop this seven inch at almost the same time as their excellent self-titled second record.  Why release this non-album song in this format instead of just including it on their full-length where I would likely hear it much more often?  Beats me, musicians gonna musician and their actions often don't make any sense to a non-musical ding dong like me.  Regardless, good track - this might be them at their Magazine-iest.  The b-side is a cover/remix by the group Sponge Bath of one of Natural Causes' songs from that previously mentioned second album.  This version sounds like Ministry or something WaxTrax would have released in the early nineties.  I've been waiting for more people* other than Liars to start really mining this particular genre and era; this style definitely suits Natural Causes' songs. 

*There are probably already a whole shitload of people doing this and I'm just not aware, but I never claimed to be up to date on all the latest shit, man.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Future Islands - The Far Field (4AD, 2017)

Future Islands
The Far Field

Rating: 8 tragic publicists out of 10

My first thought was "This new Future Islands record is really good, I should write about it on my stupid website."

My second thought was "It's good, but it basically sounds exactly like everything they've released since 'In Evening Air'."

My third thought was "Who gives a shit?  Why would you be upset that they made more songs that sound like songs you already love?"

My fourth thought was "You're right, me.  Who gives a shit indeed.  This is awesome, and I'm probably going to listen to it a ton."

And then my final thought was "The last thing anyone needs is a doofus like me writing about this new Future Islands record."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato (Trouble In Mind, 2017)

Doug Tuttle
Peace Potato
Trouble In Mind

Rating: 7 really thick milkshakes out of 10

Doug Tuttle was in both Mmoss and Wildildlife, two bands with misspelled names that I tried listening to over the years but they never quite got their hooks into me.  He's still stuck on intentionally misspelling names (clearly, his actual last name is Turtle), but finally I'm digging his output.  Maybe he's matured, maybe my tastes have changed, but who gives a fuck really.  Doug is doing that dreamy, soft-pop thing that many musicians attempt only to be...boring most of the time.  Tuttle isn't boring though, the songs are quite catchy and just weird/odd enough at times to keep you on your toes.  These ears hear "Wish You Were Here" era Pink Floyd, the Radar Bros, and some of Grandaddy's mellower output - your mileage may vary though.  Now I'm really kicking myself for being to lazy to go see him a few weeks back, I bet it was great...and could have been even greater if you were allowed to watch the performance laid back in a lawn chair.  This is great summertime lawn chair music.  I wish you could watch all shows laid back in a lawn chair, to be fair.