Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tommy And The Commies - Here Come… (Slovenly, 2018)

Tommy And The Commies
Here Come…

Rating: 7 shiny purple gemstones out of 10

Tommy And The Commies sound pretty much just like the Buzzcocks.  Sometimes a slightly mod Buzzcocks, but still the comparison holds.  And that’s fine, because I love the Buzzcocks, and not enough bands do the catchy, upbeat buzzsaw punk thing for my liking.  This album is eight songs in sixteen minutes – even Robert Pollard is telling them they need to stretch their legs a bit.  But for the sixteen minutes they do give us, the results are terrific – “Devices” and “Permanent Fixture” are stompers, while “Suckin’ In Your 20’s” should be an anthem to anyone in that age group.  Truly the only bad thing I can say here is it’s way too short.  Just like this review!

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