Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Storm Of Light – Anthroscene (Translation Loss, 2018)

A Storm Of Light
Translation Loss

Rating: 7.5 full-length rulers out of 10

There doesn’t seem to be an adequate genre or simple descriptor for the type of metal A Storm Of Light plays, which is unfortunate because it’s honestly the kind of metal I like the best.  I guess some folks call it “post-metal,” but it doesn’t seem post-anything.  I suppose the thinking is it’s a combination of post-rock and metal, but that still leaves a huge gulf of possibilities, as post-rock is already a label used for a thousand different bands who sound nothing alike (and yes, I’ve used it a ton myself because above all else I’m lazy as shit).  Let’s just put it this way – the music is heavy but not super heavy, and the vocals are melodic and clear – think Baroness / Pallbearer, crossed with maybe a little Tool.  I’ve honestly never cared much for Tool, but they are undoubtedly an important lynchpin in this type of heavy, melodic…well, post-metal, I guess.  I think I’ve now used the word “post” more in this paragraph than any man should who isn’t talking about mail delivery.

All that is to say: “Anthroscene” is really damn good.  If you asked me if I was a metal fan I would unequivocally say yes, but the truth is only a couple of metal records (at most) come out a year that really hold my attention – and this is definitely one of them.  I find I’m kinda picky when it comes to new metal, but when I do find something I like I’m all in.  This is one of those “all in” situations to be sure. 

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