Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nocturnal Projections - Complete Studio Recordings (Dais, 2018)

Nocturnal Projections
Complete Studio Recordings

Rating: 8 big brother fiddles out of 10

Happening upon the “Complete Studio Recordings” by Nocturnal Projections has been one of the best random finds I’ve had in quite some time.  Sitting in my cubicle every day I listen to a lot of music in my search of anything good – some is garbage, most is forgettable mediocrity, but it’s all worth it when you find a gem like this.  I liked it so much that after listening to three songs or so I went online and immediately ordered the vinyl from Dais, not wanting to chance missing out on this terrific slice of vintage post-punk.  What I know here could fit in a thimble, and available at the label website in a little more detail – the band is from New Zealand, existing just a couple of years in the early eighties.   The group make-up is a pair of brothers and a couple of their friends, they record a few singles that never really made it off the island, played some gigs locally, and that was it.  Some of the members went on to be in other influential NZ groups such as This Kind Of Punishment and the Cakekitchen.  The result are goddamn spectacular: the Joy Division/Wire comparison is undeniable, but this band was a little poppier and had a much more consistently driving sound than those British contemporaries.  The second song “Isn’t That Strange” is worth the price of admission alone, but the whole damn release is gold from start to finish 36 minutes later.  Dais also released a live/rarities comp called “Inmates In Images” that I’m dying to hear as well.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

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