Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Häxxan - The Magnificent Planet Of Alien Vampiro II (Slovenly, 2018)

The Magnificent Planet Of Alien Vampiro II

Rating: 7 scheduled bathroom breaks out of 10

Based on the band name I expected Häxxan to be metal; based on the album name and cover art, I expected bedroom indie pop…so basically I had no idea what this was going to sound like.  I fixed this by, you know, listening to the album - and in reality it’s jangly, slightly sloppy  garage punk - from Israel!  I’m never surprised when a band from Canada or the UK or even Scandinavia sounds like something that a band that lives right down the road from me might make, but when the group is from halfway around the globe for some reason it seems much more impressive!  I know with the internet everything is as  local as you want it to be…get off my ass, if I find it interesting and intriguing so be it.  That said, ultimately all that matters is that the music is good; in this case, I’m definitely feeling it.  “Jeff Casanova” sounds so much like Jeff The Brotherhood it might as well be a cover song…or maybe, based on the song’s name, it’s intended as a love letter to the Tennessee duo.  Other songs like “Circle Of Quantum” and “Nothing Ever Changes” also come close to a JTB comparison, and that’s totally fine with me to be honest because JTB are great.  The rest of this record is a decent listen - poppy, quirky garage jams that sound like they’re from kids who grew up on Thee Oh Sees and Parquet Courts (or at least the same bands that influenced Thee Oh Sees and Parquet Courts). 

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