Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beach House - 7 (Sub Pop, 2018)

Beach House
Sub Pop
Rating: 6.5 altered page collations out of 10
I've never been a Beach House fan.  I've never hated them by any means either, they were just one of those perfectly tolerable bands playing perfectly tolerable music.  I always thought of them as a cut-rate Cocteau Twins for today's kids - which sounds dismissive on my part, but honestly there ain't nothing wrong with being compared to the Cocteau Twins because they are rad.  I saw Beach House live once at a local festival and between the low, blue lights and an immense amount of fog machine smoke, you might as well have been listening at home, because you couldn't see shit.  Much like their recordings, it didn't move the needle much for me. 
This new record of theirs, "7," is totally fine though.  This may be on me more than any change out of the band - I'm now spending my days sitting in a cubicle, and it's definitely possible that the best way to enjoy Beach House is through headphones.  If I wanted to get all scientific I'd go back and revisit their first six releases (that's why they named this one "7," get it?!?) and see if this office setting changes my mind on those as well...but I'm probably not going to do that.  Or hell, maybe it's not me at all and instead "7" is just an outstanding record that outshines it's predecessors, and I chose the exact right time to listen to Beach House again.

"Dive" is the stand-out track, and probably the most upbeat one on the record.  I like it best when they get upbeat.       

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