Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels - Doomsday Troops EP (Loud Punk, 2013)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels
Doomsday Troops EP

Loud Punk

Rating: 5 Mexican air conditioners out of 10

This is a reissue of this EP by Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels, the first pass being self-released in 1984 and worth a damn fortune apparently (if you consider a fortune somewhere between $100 and $200 dollars).  I'll be totally honest, I grabbed this out of the used bin and thought it was actually a seven inch by the great Eater, what with the way the band wrote their name and all.  Still, it's an ok slab, five songs of hardcore punk in typical early eighties fashion - the band might be Swedish, but the songs aren't.  This has never been one of my favorite styles of punk, but I bet they were a lot of fun live.  

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