Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Superchunk - Fishing 7'' (Merge, 1991)

Fishing 7''

Rating: 10 bottles of railroad wine out of 10

What can I possibly be expected to say about a single featuring two of the best ever Superchunk songs, other than to sing it's praises of perfection?  In 10th grade I bought my first ever album by the band, "Tossing Seeds" on cassette (probably from the Radio Shack in my town, the only store that carried music; and I most likely had to have them special order it for me).  Yeah, it's not actually an album but rather a compilation of their first few singles, but regardless I listened to that tape so much I'm truly shocked it never broke.  Both "Fishing" and the b-side "Cool" were on there, holding down the end of side A and beginning of side B - "Cool" probably got a few more plays because I definitely listened to side B more as it featured my favorite Superchunk song of all time, "Cast Iron."  It's impossible to listen to this and not feel nostalgic for simpler times, driving around in my beater Mazda 323, skating parking lots with my friends, and dreaming of what the future might bring when I finally got to escape that small town.  These aren't just songs, they're integral building blocks of my childhood and the adult I came to be. 

Added bonus: they actually made a video for "Fishing," in case you want to remember what Jim Wilbur looked like with hair.  

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