Thursday, December 17, 2015

Destroyer - Poison Season (Merge, 2015)

Poison Season

Rating: 8.5 male potency drugs out of 10

It wasn't until I read another review that I realized this latest Destroyer album, "Poison Season," carried a New York City theme throughout much of the songs.  Listen, I hardly ever pay attention to lyrics - so long as they aren't super blatantly stupid, singers can pretty much be saying whatever they want.  The thing is that musically, this album sounds very much like the late seventies in the greater New York City area - there are easy comparisons to Springsteen, Lou Reed and Bowie of that era.  Not the vocals mind you - Dan Bejar sounds nothing like those three titans, but is amazing all the same on his own terms.  The second track on the album, "Dream Lover," is instantly one of the top five best songs Destroyer has ever released - very strong praise in my opinion.  I keep waiting for the inevitable downhill slide with Bejar and Destroyer, but album after album they not only meet but surpass my expectations. 

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