Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mandolin Orange - Such Jubilee (Yep Roc, 2015)

Mandolin Orange
Such Jubilee
Yep Roc

Rating: 7.5 torpedo skies out of 10

Even though Mandolin Orange are a local band for me, I feel like I never hear anything about them.  I suppose that's more a sign of the tastes of my friends more than anything, but this is a duo, much like Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, that should be able to cross multiple boundaries and appeal to nearly everyone - country fans. bluegrass fans, folk fans, country rock fans, etc.  The music is fantastically performed, and the vocals are excellent.  They also don't seem to play out very often, at least around here, which also probably plays into the feeling that they aren't part of the local scene.  Anyways, "Such Jubilee" is a great follow-up to 2013's fantastic "This Side of Jordan," a record I really got into about a year ago and played nearly constantly for a few weeks.  I wouldn't put this one on that level yet, but these past few listens are very promising. 

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