Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida (Trouble in Mind, 2015)

Dick Diver
Melbourne, Florida
Trouble in Mind

Rating: 8 liver souvenirs out of 10

I think I read somewhere that Dick Diver doesn't consider The Clean and their Kiwi pop brethren to be influences, but anyone with even a passing knowledge of that New Zealand scene is going to have a really hard time believing that after listening to "Melbourne, Florida.".  Regardless of influences, this is a damn fine pop record, one of the best of the year to be sure.  There is a maturity here that far exceeds the actual age of the band members, with moments reminding me of other great pop acts running the gamut from Yo La Tengo to the Stone Roses to Sea & Cake.  This could have easily come out in 1985, but doesn't sound dated at all.  I suppose that makes it timeless, and I won't argue.

As a side note, I wonder if "Dick Diver" is some sort of Australian slang phrase, god knows they keep things colorful down there.  Or maybe it's about a diver who is a dick.  Or a dick that can dive.  Who knows. 

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  1. dick diver get their name from a character in an f. scott fitzgerald book.

    ps - people apparently do read your old posts... ;)