Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jeff the Brotherhood - Wasted on the Dream (Infinity Cat, 2015)

Jeff the Brotherhood
Wasted on the Dream
Infinity Cat

Rating: 7.5 sneezing dogs out of 10

I thought it odd that Jeff the Brotherhood had signed with major label Warner Bros. in the first place before their previous record "Hypnotic Nights," and it was no huge shock that the label dropped them right before the band released "Wasted on the Dream."  Based on their reaction after getting dropped, JtB seemed more than ecstatic being able to release their music on their own imprint again, so it seems like it all works out in the end.  The band has pop hooks, and you can sorta see why a major might think they can mold these kids into some version of stoner rock Weezer, but anyone who has seen them live or listened to their older material isn't surprised this didn't work out.  JtB seem like the types to do exactly what they want to do, no matter how much money they have behind them.  

That said, there was definitely loot involved in this record, as it was finished before they got the boot - the production is through the roof.  I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call it over-produced, but it's just an ass hair away from it.  I'd love to hear the original rough masters of these tracks.  They got Ian Anderson to play flute on the second song "Black Cherry Pie" - yes, that Ian Anderson, from Jethro Tull - it's such a weird decision, it kinda works.  You hear songs like "Cosmic Visions," "Coat Check Girl," and "Prairie Song" and you start thinking these guys actually have a shot at radio airplay if the right pockets got lined with cash (aka why they got signed to a major in the first place), but I'm pretty sure that is out the door now.  And I'm not sure the band don't even need that much money to buy cut-off jean shorts at the thrift store and drink crappy beer. 

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