Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Finger - Ship Full Of Holes 7'' (Jettison, 1992)

Ship Full Of Holes 7''

Rating: 6 chaste firetrucks out of 10

This Finger slab is one of those rare instances where the b-side is much better than the actual single.  Finger were active in the Raleigh in the early nineties, notable for being the first(?) band of local legend John Howie (Two Dollar Pistols, tons of solo work, and playing with Sarah Shook these days).  The title track is nothing special: sludgy, mid-tempo "alternative" rock that would have fit in fine on the "Singles" soundtrack.  The real treat is side b, where they do a fun cover of "All This And More" by the Dead Boys, a song I'm happy to hear no matter who plays it.  If you were to happen across it, it's worth a listen just for that cover. 

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