Thursday, November 5, 2015

Flesh Wounds - In the Mouth EP (Snot, 2015)

Flesh Wounds
In the Mouth EP

Rating: 8 political journals out of 10

Running through six songs in about thirteen minutes, Flesh Wounds like to get right to the point.  This is aggro old school-style punk that almost borders on hardcore at times.  On the opener "Attack," it feels like you're being attacked for the entire 78 seconds of the song.  This is a lot closer to early Black Flag or Negative Approach or the punk coming out of DC than it is the modern happy-go-lucky garage punk that the kids love so much.  Most of the songs sound like singer Montgomery Morris is eating the microphone while he sings...I can attest after seeing them live a number of times that this is actually the case.  As a side note, they have a song called "Joy Division Killed My Boner."

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