Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Future Islands - The Chase 7'' (4AD, 2015)

Future Islands
The Chase 7''

Rating: 8 cement bells out of 10

As near as my brain can figure, this is the first release by Future Islands since they done blown the fuck up.  And as much as it sucks that I no longer get to see them play in small venues multiple times a year, I'm glad for them - they deserve all the success they get.  Certainly no complaints here with theese new songs - both tracks on this seven inch measure up to the high bar these guys set with their last few records, and fame doesn't seem to have messed with their creative process.  Title track "The Chase" starts off with a very Kraftwerk-like keyboard line, but then quickly goes down the path already well worn by the band - I'm guessing this track is already a favorite at their live shows.  The b-side "Haunted By You" is a little mellower but no less enjoyable - it's like you can see lead singer Sam Herring emoting with his hands through the music, grasping at the air like a high school drama teacher performing Hamlet.  My only worry about these two songs is they'll get "lost," having not been put on a proper full-length - because both are certainly worthy. 

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